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Glowing Gardenia Essentials Private Limited, prevalent Indian Exporter and Manufacturer of beauty, hair care, skin care, and cosmetic products. Our company has its presence and operations in both international and national market. 

Core Values

  • Consumer loyalty 
  • Greatness 
  • Respectability 
  • Supportability 
  • Morals 


Our Vision

To be the worldwide pioneer for the most liked and confided in Cosmetic brand on the planet. We will construct a special range of best quality items, endeavoring to outperform our rivals in quality, value, and innovation as well as hoisting our image to turn into the favored company for people. 


Our mission to offer effective, safe, and pure cosmetic, beauty, and skin care products for the prosperity of your soul and skin at a modest cost. We are focused on creating prosperous skincare advantages to enable our buyers to manage the distressing, boisterous, and demanding modern lifestyle with our paraben free, safe, and powerful products. 


The business goals of our company are to create and advertise a comprehensive line of beauty and cosmetic products dependent on updated and new ideas. 
The methodology is intended to give buyers a general feeling of individual prosperity, beauty, and health. Besides, it is also planned to create innovative, safe, and natural products permitting humankind to have prosperous, healthier, and richer beauty and skin care routine of WYND, AROMA BLUSH. 

Our Brands

  • Aroma Blush
  • WYND
  • Garden Essentials


Marketing Methodology

Our company markets its services and products to both organizations and individuals. Besides, our products were made deliberately for experts; however, they are now accessible for buyers as well. Below are the marketing mediums that our company is currently using:

  1. Promotional posters
  2. Workshops and seminars
  3. Advertisement social media
  4. Social responsibility
  5. Sponsoring salons and parlors


Positioning Strategy 

  • Inventive products
  • High quality, safe, paraben free, and effective items 
  • Reasonable prices
  • Cosmetic Brand that has the items in different segments such as professional, consumer, and luxury.


Services and Products Offered:

  • Personal care
  • Body care
  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Men range


Distribution Strategy

Augment distribution network by offering different incentives to stockiest, distributors, retailers, and sales network across India.


Our every product is at standard with the global norm of effectiveness and quality. The R&D Unit is a cutting-edge facility with quality control lab, recent advancements and instruments. It encourages each part of item improvement including packaging, testing, and formulations. 

Aside from the above duties R&D likewise shares the layer of quality regulation and is engaged with the accompanying activities: 

  • Material safety
  • Information sheet 
  • Logical Strategies 
  • Defining new products
  • Quality control on recent products 


Production and Other Facilities

We embrace great production practice by including GMP machines in a processing plant premises of more than 3000 square feet to reinforce the production team of experts and chemists. 

All items have been produced watching the worldwide quality and all grounds checked to the customer loyalty. Our Unit is licensed by Indian Food and Drugs Administration. At every stage, we execute GMP rules that are ISO affirmed. 

We are additionally equipped for doing contract production, third-party and private manufacturing according to the need of the client. 

What makes us special? 

  • Complete R&D facility with a microbiological lab 
  • In-house quality check
  • Qualified experts 
  • High material stock holding capacity
  • Paraben free, effective and safe products 
  • Moderate cost 
  • Brand for consumers and professionals 


Cosmetic Items That Our Company Can Make for You

  • Creams
    • Anti-Wrinkle Creams
    • Anti-Aging Creams
    • Moisturizing Creams
    • Nourishing Creams
    • Day/Night Creams
    • Whitening Creams
    • Cold Creams, etc.


  • Scrubs
    • Coffee Scrubs
    • Body Scrubs
    • Face Scrubs
    • Sugar Scrubs
    • Herbal Scrubs, etc.


  • Packs
    • Mango Pack
    • Orange Pack
    • Aloe Vera Pack
    • Strawberry Pack
    • Sandalwood Pack, etc.


  • Anti-Acne Products
    • Acne Spot Gels
    • Acne Clay Mask
    • Acne Scar Care Creams
    • Tea Tree Acne Products, etc.


  • Cleansers & Serums
    • Hydration Serums
    • Aloe Vera Serums
    • Cleansing Milk
    • Toner & Cleansers
    • Aqua Cleansers
    • Soap Free Cleansers
    • Under Eye Gel & Serums, etc.


  • Hair Care
    • Shampoos
    • Baby Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Keratin Hair Masks
    • Hair Oils
    • Hair Gels, etc.


  • Spa Products
    • Massage Oils
    • Massage Lotions
    • Essential Oils
    • Body Clay Packs
    • Facial Clay Packs
    • Body Scrub Treatments
    • Facial Mask Sheets
    • Hair Treatments
    • Facial Kits
    • Manicure Kit
    • Pedicure Kit


  • Body Care
    • Body Lotion
    • Proactive Sunscreen Lotion
    • Astringent Lotion
    • Shower Gel
    • Body Cream
    • Body Butter
    • Body Oil, etc.


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